What and Whys Of AI.

The session aims at providing an intellectual history of Artificial Intelligence and the drivers to adopt this revolutionary technology.

How Secure are Our Jobs.?

What are the current and future impacts of Artificial Intelligence to our jobs?, will robots take our jobs and displace us?, What are the skills for an AI future?.

Who will Benefit.?

The interesting thing is that, negative social effects aren’t inevitable.Then who are going to benefit from this technology revolution?.

Say Hello! to Python.

Python is used by companies and organizations such as Google, Yahoo,and NASA, Python’s beauty is that it is accessible to beginning programmers and proffesionals. Come and say Hello! to it.

Python Packages.

Packages are such a large part of getting the most from Python, it’s worth dedicating a little time to them.Then in this session you will learn Python packages for Data Science and Machine Learning.

Mathematics for ML and DL.

Mathematics is the core foundation of both ML and DL. You will learn all the Mathematical techniques such as Calculus and Numerical optimization,so that you can understand the building blocks of ML and DL algorithms.

ML Algorithms

Machine Learning has different algorithms which are classified into different categories, you will learn when to use each Machine Learning algorithm,its mathematical principle,and their pros and cons.

Deep Learning

In this session we will introduce you to popular deep learning algorithms from basic to advanced, mathematical principles and you will learn how to implement them from scratch using PyTorch.

AI Specialization

Do you want to make Computer see the world or understand and generate language?.Here we will learn most popular sub-fields of Deep Learning, Computer vision and Natural language processing, and others.